FAQ: Merchant Partners

How does Incentives by WOBB benefit me?

Most merchants reach out to large corporations and offer corporate rates in an attempt to reach a larger customer base. It is not as easy for startups and SMEs to have the same privilege because they cannot provide a large customer base to these merchants.

Incentives by WOBB is offered as a free service to companies that use WOBB. Thus, we can offer merchant partners access to approximately 130,000 potential customers. You gain wider reach from just one platform!

Isn't Incentives by WOBB similar to Group-Buying sites?

Short answer: not really! Here’s why:

  • We do not accept individual user subscriptions. Access is only given to our corporate clients and their employees.
  • We do not announce the deals you offer to public. Only our corporate clients and their employees will know and have access to your deals.

How much does it cost us?

Should you choose to sign-up with us pre-launch date, it will be FREE for an entire year. There will be no charges for using our platform during this period.

Are there any penalties for termination as a merchant?

Should you see that the benefits offered by Incentives is not in line with the direction of your business, you may choose to stop being a merchant on Incentives without any penalties.

Is there a minimum discount I need to give?

No, we strive to give merchants as much freedom to create the value of their offers. But we generally advise our merchants against going below 10%, to encourage purchases.

The only requirement for offers listed by merchants on Incentives by WOBB is that the offer must be exclusive to Incentives by WOBB and cannot be found on other platforms.

Where do I begin?

If you are interested, please register here as a merchant partner to start listing deals!

What are the terms and conditions?

You can view the standard merchant partner terms and conditions here.

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