FAQ: Perk Holders

What is Incentives by WOBB?

Incentives by WOBB is a perk platform for merchant partners to offer corporate rates/ perks / benefits / discounts to Perk Holders at an affordable price. We develop base on the principle of ease of access, building economies of scale and reduce administrative hassle in offering attractive perks to employees.

How does it work? How can I redeem corporate rates / discounts / perks?

You will be able to enjoy the benefits as long as the company you’re working with is an employer on WOBB. You may login here. using your company email that contains your company’s domain.

Is there an Incentives by WOBB App for mobile?

Plans are in the pipeline to develop mobile apps for both Apple and Android. However, all users can already access the apps using mobile browsers as our web applications are all mobile optimized.

Why don't you issue a perks card as a form of identity / recognition?

We aim to bring exciting perks to employees at the most affordable rate. Thus, we have made the conscious decision to leverage on a gadget almost everyone carries in corporate world today - the smartphone.

What if there's a feature that I want but not available on Incentives by WOBB?

You're most welcome to contact us at [email protected] and inform us of your requirements and suggestions. We're constantly looking at adding new features to incentivise our users

Will you talk to my favourite merchant to offer perks via Incentives by WOBB?

Sure! Just send us an email at [email protected] and let us know your favourite merchant. Better still, link us up or get us the contact number of their marketing / business development person and let us take it from there.

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